Antonio Ibáñez Luján (29)

 tibanezlujan@gmail.com  |  +34639866762


Network and VoIP Lover

SIP – Asterisk – Network – Unix

During the last four years I have been working, mainly, at Adamo Telecom Iberia as Network Engineer and VoIP. Adamo Telecom is a FTTx service provider in Barcelona, Girona, Madrid, Lleida, Asturias and other locations of Spain, which offers to corporate and residential VoIP and high speed network connectivity. During this period, I was deploying and maintaining opensource VoIP (mainly Opensips and Asterisk) and Network services, within different hardware and vendors (Cisco, Juniper, HP-procurve, SMC, Inteno and Zhone for FTTH). It was a really nice experience, because the engineering group where I’m working was in charge of carrying different tasks as services design, presales and provision of these services.

Before this time at Adamo, I invested two years working in different enterprises as well as freelance, discovering new professional experiences and manners of working. The most relevant experience I had during this period was as platform administrator: Linux and Cisco in SOC (Generalitat de Catalunya), while developing different software pieces for EnginyCat and my final thesis. This thesis, which I have develop with Jordi Coscolla, has been related with processing images and real time communications (XMPP-Openfire).

After working as VoIP and Network consultant and product manager at Ricoh Europe, taking care about new VoIP services and Network solutions of different customers that have a global IT contract, but finally I returned to the technical side, because missing the getting my hands dirty with pcaps, terminal connections and console cables.

During 2013, I get a dCAP certification (2214).

Right now I’m not using at work my knowledgment of Asterisk and opensource platforms, because I joined Colt Telecom six months ago as Lead VoIP Engineer, taking care about incidences of customer who uses SIP Trunks over different networks and configurations. This is a great experience, because I’m learning how different customers applies different VoIP solutions , while learning SIP protocols and related.


Un pensamiento en “About

  1. Buenas Antonio! saludos! quiero felicitarte por tu blog. He leido todos los articulos, realmente me ha gustado mucho, sobre todo los que estan en español :P, los de kamalio me han servido mucho para entender algunas funciones que no sabia. Mucha suerte, y gracias por compartir el conocimiento!


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